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Just the right food

If you’ve been to one of our restaurants, you’ve seen – and tasted – what keeps our customers coming back for more. Perfect materials and freshly baked food, delicious  and gourmet coffees make us hard to resist! . The hotel has a fine dining Roof top restaurant serving a wide range of cuisines with a excellent sea view.Step in today and check us out!

Fine Ingredients

Cooking is an Art. We defined our food by its quality.At our restaurant we use best quality ingredients and hand pick vegitables from our local markets daily.All this is to make sure there is no compramise in food quality.We serve only Halal foods at our tables.We follow FSSAI standards at our place. So, Step in today and check us out!

Morning Breakfast

      Idly                                ₹12
Dosa                                         ₹30
Pongal                            ₹45
Poori Set                                  ₹40
     Vadai                             ₹12
Tea/Coffee/Milk                      ₹20
Special Dosa                  ₹55
Onion Dosa                             ₹55
     Uttapam                      ₹30
Ghee Roast                                ₹55


     Veg Meals                         ₹80
Non Veg Meals                        ₹95
Veg Special Meals        ₹120


Plain Biriyani                    ₹90
Veg Biriyani                         ₹95
MushroomBiriyani  ₹100
Egg Biriyani                     ₹100
Mutton Biriyani             ₹120
Chicken Biriyani               ₹110
Prawn Biriyani         ₹190

Rice / Noodels

Chicken                         ₹95
Mutton                              ₹110
Prawn                       ₹120
Egg                                     ₹80
Veg                                 ₹70
Schzwen Chicken             ₹105
Schzwen Egg              ₹85
Schzwen Veg                     ₹75


Tomoto Soup                    ₹45

Sweet Corn Veg                   ₹45
Veg Clear Soup          ₹45
Hot/Sour Veg                      ₹45
Mushroom                        ₹45
Cream of Mushroom         ₹45
Chicken Garlic           ₹55
Chicken Noodels                ₹55
Sweet Corn Chicken        ₹55
Hot/Sour Non Veg              ₹55
Chicken Wonton        ₹55


Onion Pakoda                    ₹45
Finger Chips                        ₹55
Gobi65                        ₹70
Mushroom65                      ₹70
Paneer65                       ₹90
Veg SpringRoll                    ₹55
Tandoori Mushroom ₹75
Paneer Tikka                      ₹90
Tandoori Gobi                  ₹80
Mushroom Manchurian    ₹75
Chilli Panner              ₹80
Crispy Fried Veg                 ₹50
Chilly Mushroom             ₹80
Panner Pakoda                  ₹80
Chicken Fry                ₹95
Mutton Chucka                 ₹110
Chicken65                    ₹95
Mutton65                          ₹125
Chicken Manjurion   ₹95
Chilly Chicken G/P Fry       ₹95
Prawn 65                        ₹150
Fish Fry                              ₹120
Chicken Lolypop     ₹100
Dragon Chicken               ₹100
Hyderabad Chicken        ₹95
Chicken Wings                    ₹95
Boiled/Omlet             ₹25
Chicken Roll                       ₹85


Gobi Masala                     ₹70
Mushroom Masala            ₹80
Paneer Butter Masala       ₹90
Dal Fry                                ₹70
Green PeaceMasala          ₹70
Gobi Manjurion               ₹70
Chicken Cheittinad           ₹105
Mutton Masala       ₹135
Egg Masala                         ₹80
Prawn Masala               ₹160
Ginger/Pepper/Garlic       ₹90
Butter Chicken        ₹110

Indian Breads

Naan                             ₹25
Butter Naan                       ₹30
Tandori Rotti             ₹25
Butter Rotti                        ₹35
Tandoori Parata              ₹25
Lacha Parata                     ₹35
Kulcha                        ₹30
Pulcka                                 ₹15
Romalli Rotti                    ₹30
Parata Set                          ₹40
Idiyappam                 ₹15
Kottu Parata Veg               ₹70
Kottu Parata Chicken   ₹100
Kottu Parata Mutton      ₹120
Special Kari Dosai  ₹120



Tandoori Chicken Full   ₹300
Tandoori Chicken Half    ₹160
Dangri Kabab          ₹130
Kali Mirchi Kabab            ₹140
Resmi Kabab                  ₹110
Fish Tikka                         ₹160



Apple                            ₹60
Cool Drinks                        ₹50
Pineapple                  ₹50
Water melon                      ₹50
Grapes                         ₹50
Pomegranate                     ₹25
Lime Juice                  ₹25

Ice Cream /Milk Shakes


Vanilla                          ₹30
Butter Scotch                    ₹30
Chocolate                  ₹30
Pista                                    ₹30
Milk Shake                       ₹55
Milk Shake with
Ice Cream                            ₹70
Fruit Salad
With Ice Cream         ₹80
Cake with Ice Cream         ₹90

Home Delivery


Guest Reviews

"The unique concept caught the fancy of food-lovers across Tuticorin  as Hotel ALwin  offered both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, drawn from outside Tuticorin to get the Taste of God.

- Sam, Tuty

Just the right food

If you’ve been to one of our restaurants, you’ve seen – and tasted – what keeps our customers coming back for more. Perfect materials and freshly baked food.

Delicious Lambda cakes, muffins, and gourmet coffees make us hard to resist! Stop in today and check us out! Perfect materials and freshly baked food.
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